FuelCon Systems Inc. Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of FuelCon AG Germany, is the leading supplier of test station, test equipment and services to the fuel cell industry in North America.

The company has supplied fuel cell test equipment to the world's premier fuel cell stack manufacturers, component manufacturers (flow field, GDL, biploar plate), system integrators and research organizations.

In order to service its growing customer needs in North America, FuelCon AG has established a wholly-owned subsidiary, FuelCon Systems Inc., based out of Vancouver, B.C.

FuelCon Systems will provide sales, marketing and technical support for FuelCon's fuel cell test systems to its expanding customer base in North America.

"We have seen a growing demand for fuel cell products in North America and believe this is due to the innovative, high quality design of our equipment and our independence from any fuel cell developer given the highly competitive nature of this industry." FuelCon AG's Chief Executive Officer Mathias Bode said.

"Vancouver is a hot bed of fuel cell technology development and an ideal base for our North American operations. In addition, we have brought on Blair Heffelfinger as FuelCon Systems General Manager.

We found Mr. Heffelfinger to be an outstanding person with extensive expertise and contacts within the fuel cell industry. This investment is a demonstration of our commitment to expand our interests in this industry." Mr. Bode further said "FuelCon has now reached the position as the only independent global supplier of test technology for the fuel cell industry. Having achieved the number one position in Europe, our main target is to obtain the same in North America and in the Asia-Pacific region.

We received new and repeat enquiries from major car manufacturers and research organizations, finalized investments and construction work into new facilities and strengthened our financial background. FuelCon stands well positioned to service all of the needs of the global fuel cell industry for test technology and engineering services.

Additional information are available at the FuelCon-homepage


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